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Fire Company Elections
Tuesday, December 11, 2018


On Monday December 10, 2018 Mill Creek Fire Company held its annual elections for volunteer administrative and fire/EMS officers.   The new officers for 2019 are:

Fire Chief Joe Stewart, Sr.
Deputy Fire Chief Anthony Carnevale
1st Assistant Chief (Sta 21) Nick Baronie
1st Assistant Chief (At Large) Bill Meehan
1st Assistant Chief (Sta 2)  Jon Stewart
EMS Administrator Mike Lennon
President John Lloyd
Vice President Ed Weinstein
Treasurer Bob Papp
Board of Director * Don Brown
Board of Director * Ted Weaver
Board of Director * Lawrence Mergenthaler
Board of Director * Anthony Carnevale
Board of Director * Mike Lennon
* Two year seat (2019-2020)  


Appointed Administrative Officers:  
Secretary Barry Kelly
Assistant Secretary Sharon McVey
Assistant Treasurer Rob Elkins
Financial Secretary Don Brown
Assistant Financial Secretary  Sharon Dommenelli
Chaplain Pastor Don Godwin
Appointed Fire Line Officers:  
Steve Germain Fire Captain - 2
Josh Lennon Fire Captain - 21
Jim Applegate Fire Lt. - 2
Pending Fire Lt. - 21
Appointed EMS Officers:  
Pending EMS Lt. - 2 
Ed Weinstein EMS LT. - 21

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